The True Beauty of Architecture

There are some fields in the world which students are hesitant to study. Architecture is one of them. People basically do not understand this field properly, hence they assume wrong. Just like any other field, if you have strong desire in you to become an architect only then should you opt for it. This field is so much time consuming that you would have to give up all of your social life. If you are interested in this field then such a compromise would start to eat you up and you would not be able to concentrate on work. People who love the study of architecture take it to be an art and devote their time to it. Some people just think that there isn’t enough scope for such a profession. Well such thoughts are laughable since people are not going to quit making homes and building or renovating them.

All in all architecture is a very important field and needs to be studied by determined and interested students. You can also say that this field is the oldest among all that you might know. Design of any structure, which has a purpose, comes under this field. It might seem easy but giving every aspect of a structure, a purpose, is not an easy thing. Not even a creative mind can do it. For this reason people are getting education in this field, which allows them to harness a great level of skills regarding architecture. People who are familiar with this field take it to be an implemented art. Art is basically anything which you draw over a paper. Implementing that art would mean to recreate the drawing. This is not as easy as it might sound. Implementation of a good piece of art would make you feel proud. However, there is so much room for error that every now and then an architect leaves a dent in the art. Basically the key role of an architect is to make something look beautiful and ensure that the design has purpose and meaning to it as well.

When you look at the tallest building in the world, Burj Dubai, you find its design quite attractive. However, you would not know the reason for its design to be like that. As the building is tall, it has to face quite some high winds in the upper altitude. If the design would not have been such then the building would have rocked from here to there and eventually the structure would have broken. Taipai in Taiwan is also a tall building which faces extremely high winds. Same goes for the shanghai world finance center. These building are the greatest examples of seeing a design support a vital function and the true art of an architect.

Apart from the design, an architect must also involve themselves with the construction material. People usually think that a civil engineer looks over such things. However, the conclusion is reached with the help of an architect. In simpler terms, an architect knows the design; he or she knows which material would best uphold the purpose and glory of the building and give it strength alongside as well. Using masonry to build tall buildings might seem to be a good idea since they end up producing the strongest of structures. If you consider the weight of the building and the flexibility required in a building, you would come to know that the strongest material is not always the best solution.

Architecture is a field worthy of admiration rather than hesitation. The study of this field allows a structure to fulfill its purpose throughout its life.

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  1. Architecture is a mix of art and physics, combining the left brain and right. How do you make something beautiful that is also functional and durable? You have to be able to see both the big picture and minute details at the same time and that is not a skill everyone has.

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  3. levi says:

    architect is the right choice for school and work

  4. Mike Jhones says:

    Really the beauty of the building is its architecture and the way the building looks and feel depends only upon how the architecture has been taken. Thanks a lot for posting.
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  5. Every buildings in the world need professional architects to calculate building sustainablity and need school to learn about building plan

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    that looks really good! Thanks for this information!

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  8. hey being an architecture student, i found this article very inspiring. even i like writing about architecture and found this article very connected to my point of view.

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    design and writing are very interesting, can kite for inspiration

  10. It seems to me that the experience of beauty is fundamental to what makes us all human. We may find beauty in different things at different times; however, the joy found in surrounding architectural space and form is universal. As spatial compositions continue to evolve, so too will our understanding of the meaning behind beauty.

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  11. north says:

    Through Architecture the world gets more beautiful

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  13. Like anything else in the world, you need to bring passion to what you do in order to be successful. Architecture is science and art all mixed in one.

  14. Jeremy Dickman-Wilkes says:

    It is true to say that the training to be, and practice of architecture takes dedication and perseverence.
    Training in the UK takes 7 years. Project management is now generally the role of a dedicated project manager rather than the architect. Salaries are not on a par with the other professions, so a passion for design and implementation of that design are important to the qualified architect.

  15. The architecture is the result of the forming. It is the kinesthetic and visual sense of position and wholeness that puts the thing into the realm of art.

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    I would recommend reading Louis Sullivan’s book on architecture. It makes you look at space in so many other perspectives…

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