The New Concept of Interior Designing

Almost every one of us had some kind of fantasy about how our room could look like when we were children. People normally go through this mental process which is actually a result from our natural instinct of looking for an ideal and safe place to live in. This is exactly what makes us feel attracted to certain interiors. Even though we all have different likes when it comes to interior designing, we are all sure about what we like.

About a hundred years ago the concept of interiors was very rigid, and let’s says it was not possible to change what people considered right and what people considered wrong. Now, of course, some people really liked the style of expensive interiors in that time. However, a big majority of the people was not very attracted to it. The thing is that every one of us has a different set of likes when it comes to colors, shapes and textures in an interior. These likes are somehow built during the childhood with things we see, play with and understand. Due to this, in that time, people had different feelings about interior beauty as well.

However, it was not something they could actually bring to reality and build easily. This was due to the very small amount of materials, technology and knowledge there was then. It is important to mention the extremely shocking advance that designing has had in the last 100 years. It is amazing how we came from building nothing but weak houses, to hundreds of stories in a single building in less than 100 years.

The point I want to reach with this is that amazingly there has been a noticeable change in our way of thinking as well. Today, we can simply build our interiors as we wish. It is possible to materialize almost any design we have found or made. This brings us the possibility to create a huge gamma of different interior personalities. This has brought interior designers to understand the new need of people when it comes to enhancing their houses’ interiors. Personality is what people are looking for today. I am sure that if you get to think about how you would like your interior to look like you would come up with some kind of reflection of your personality. Knowing this is a great tool whenever it is about designing are interior or having your interior designer by somebody else. This will help you know where your likes come from, and then create what you want according to them.

This is the real concept of interior designing today. It is no longer about symmetry and order. Designers now look for the way to match personalities with their designs. This way they assure that clients and all other people will be satisfied with the results as they are very close to their likes and personalities.

Modern designing overall is no longer a matter of rules or ordered patterns as it was before. Some time ago, it was order and perfection what people looked for, and they were kind of forced to like things this way. However as time has passed people have come to become more free in this aspect, and everyone seemed to start creating their own concept and their own perfection, especially when it came to their houses’ interior as it was the place where they spent most of their time. Today, it is all about personality and designing the place where people feel extremely safe, comfortable and happy.

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  1. sara fattori says:

    It is a wonderful feeling to come home to a place that offers you comfort and a reflection of who you are. I appreciate this article because most interior designers design with “their” likes in mind.

  2. Perhaps the most basic of all interior design concepts has to do with color. Whether the goal is to create a room that is reflective of a given era, or to simply design a room using a variety of eclectic furnishings, color is the underlying concept that will give the space a sense of unity. Interior design examples of color often make use of at least one primary color, a secondary color, and two or three incidental colors to round out the range for the space. These colors can be captured as solids, patterns, or any combination that the designer believes will bring harmony to the room.

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