The Crystal Cathedral

Have you ever heard of the crystal cathedral? Have you ever seen images of this architectural masterpiece? It is really something to check out and admire.

The Crystal CathedralThe crystal cathedral is settled in Garden Grove, Orange County, California. It was Dr. Robert H. Schuller and his wife Arvella. They built their church in a piece of land that was known until then as “Garden Grove’s Community Church”. The sanctuary building was designed by the very well known architect Philip Johnson.  It was built using 10,000 rectangular glass panels. This is one of the most beautiful and impressing cathedrals in the entire world. One of the many things that characterize this cathedral is its 280 tubes organ which was built by Fratelli Ruffatti. This organ still works and is still played in the church. People describe the sound to be unique and almost heaven sent. Of course, this organ is today invaluable.

As a curious fact, we can mention that the crystal cathedral and its pastor, reverend Robert H. Schuller, were represented in one episode of the Simpsons, in its ninth season. The famous Homer Simpsons is pushed naked through the glass roof of the church while the reverend is actually preaching. This gives us a notion of the fame level that this church has.  It has also been the object of many programs in channels like Discovery Channel, History Channel and others.

What most people don’t really know is that this piece of art is actually the result of a one-man idea. For many years, reverend Schuller dreamed about building a majestic cathedral out of Crystal Cathedralglass only. Everyone kept saying that this was totally impossible. That the idea of building a glass church was highly dangerous due to earthquakes and other natural disasters, especially because California normally suffers various earthquakes. These were actually facts. A glass building would certainly fall with a minimal earth shaking, of course, with the technology of that time. However, the reverend had a characteristic that most people don’t have. This sparkle that makes an idea materializes into a piece of art. He had a goal. He looked for years for a person that would take a leap of faith and say “yes” to his proposal. But he never did.

Of course, now we can see what the reverend was looking for. If he wouldn’t insist so much, and loved his goal, the greatest cathedral of all times wouldn’t exist.

CrystalThis proves a fact that has become a lot more noticeable year per year. The possibility of creating impossible constructions is increasing a lot more every year. 50 years ago, when the reverend was trying to build the awesome cathedral, it was impossible to eve think about a glass building. Today, we can see glass buildings all over cities and shinny constructions that would’ve been considered impossible years ago. Why has science been so up ahead during the last years? The truth is that humanity has no idea of why technology has evolved so much in the last century. Of course, architecture showed great advances mostly during the last fifty years. Now the crystal cathedral is a revolutionary building considered as one of the possible wonders of the world. The majestic look and feeling in the place really makes it a heavenly place. Today, having a goal and bringing it to reality is a lot more possible than before.  This fact should push designers, and people building their houses to explode their ideas and making unique pieces of art. Now, we are on the possibility of creating almost anything we can imagine. Architecture becomes a lot wider every day.

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