Team Architecture

We are living in an era in which individualism is no longer the best choice for completing successful projects. If we go back in history, it is easy to see that people decided to innovate and create things on their own due to the sociological repression they were living in. Now, our society has changed almost all over the world. This gives us the chance to work as a team to reach higher goals and be somehow more efficient. Let me clarify something very important here. It has been proven that people that work alone are not better than those that decide to work as teams. This has a psychological reason actually. Due to everyone’s unique way of thinking, we all have the ability to see the world with different eyes. This is exactly what allows people to have different opinions. Well, that is exactly what an architect needs, opinions!

An architect or an engineer is never working for his or her own likes. Almost no one is working to fulfill their own likes now days. What architects look for as well as an engineer is to satisfy their clients’ expectation and needs. This is what makes a project successful. One mind is not enough today to see all the mistakes, possible additions and aspects of a project. It is impossible that one single person can fulfill the ideas of five more for example.

Well, architects have taken this aspect very seriously and they have been creating groups to work with called firms. In Spain, there is a firm called ACXT, which is made of more than 400 architects and engineers. Curiously, this is one of the most successful firms in the entire country. They have enough opinions, analysts, and ideas to count with when completing a project. Of course, working with a team can produce misunderstandings, disagreements and a long list of inconveniences. These are actually unavoidable, yet somehow controllable. The idea of working in a team is to know that no one in the team is better than anyone else. All the members in the team are equally talented and skillful. The moment in which someone starts feeling superior is exactly the moment in which things start to be problematic.

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    Excellent Post! I always wanted to read up on this subject that you have posted. Times do change and at times it can be very complex…Thank you for this fascinating article!

  2. Great post, Love modern living. My wife is obsessed

  3. this is neat, thanks for sharing

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