Vertical Omotesando By Wai Think Tank

Wai Think Tank designed this proposal for the Fashion Museum Competition in Omotesando Street in Tokyo, Japan. The challenge consisted in designing a 100 meters high tower-museum, containing exhibition areas of 20th century fashion history and becoming a landmark for Tokyo.

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Tokyo Reflections // Japan // Cheungvogl

Tokyo Reflections is an experiment that aspires to transform Tokyo station underground platforms to become a dynamic public place rather than a thoroughfare. It explores tangible interactive opportunities – with others or ourselves. It understands the mindless minds while waiting for the next train. Just waiting for time to pass. It dreams of small changes to fill the emptiness of thoughts with reflections.


The experiment challenges the everyday sameness. It explores new expansions, new possibilities, new freshness to allow ‘moments’ to happen naturally. This architectural intervention is an art installation acting as a catalyst that binds random people, random minds and random reflections, drawing random hopes into ‘moments’ of dreams.

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Two Identical Houses In Tokyo By Cheungvogl

Hong Kong architects Cheungvogl have designed two identical houses to be built side by side in Tokyo, Japan.

Each house will have a long, thin courtyard planted with a single tree.

Both buildings have smaller structures with pitched roofs perched on top. They are made of rough concrete and aged timber.

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Meguro Office Space // Tokyo // Japan // Nendo

Here’s another project by Japanese designers Nendo. This time an office space near the Meguro river in Tokyo, which they divided by creating walls with cut-outs that almost reach the floor.

The walls are meant to evoke waves or cloth sagging to the ground.

Employees move between various working areas by stepping over the lowest points of the partitions.

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Jimbocho Theater // Tokyo // Japan // Nikken Sekkei

This building is another theater that was built on only about 300 sqm ground. The theatre contains 100 seats, a 126-seat rehearsal and a showroom which measures 300 sqm.

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FlatFlat // Harajuku // Tokyo // Japan // SAKO Architects

FlatFlat is the store where the visitors are actually able to experience Hangame, an online games portal, a games portal for mobile phones, developed by NHN Japan Corporation. The store designed by SAKO Architects is located at the center of Harajuku, a part of Tokyo, known internationally for its youth style and fashion. The store occupies a narrow space of 3.5 meters wide by 45 meters long with complicated plan and structure as the result of repeated reconstruction.

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House SH // Tokyo // Japan // Hiroshi Nakamura

Designed by Hiroshi Nakamura, the small house has a gentle, playful yet decidedly bold and sculptural facade.

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Yoyogi Building // Tokyo // Japan // François Blanciak

Yoyogi Building // Tokyo // Japan // François Blanciak // 1

This proposal (2006) by French architect François Blanciak is located in the Japanese capital Tokyo. The 500m² complex called Yoyogi Building by the Tokyo-based architectural firm was supposed to include housing units, several shops and offices.

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