Solar Powered International Design Center Unveiled


Situated in an defunct arms manufacturing facility in Saint-Etienne, the recently unveiled ‘Cité du Design‘ is a stunning international center for design.

Designed by Berlin and Paris based LIN, the ‘Centre International du Design’ is a new institution for communication, research and education in design. The project is situated on the historic site of the National Arms Manufacture in St. Etienne. Powered by solar energy and supplemented by an efficient heating system, the energy efficient ‘Cité du Design’ is a world class design center that lives up to its name.

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Sustainable ‘Vertical Village’ For Dubai Designed By GRAFT Architects

From GRAFT Architects:

‘Expected to gain gold LEED certification, the Vertical Village by Graft Architects is another Eco architecture found in the desert of Dubai. Designed by Graft Lab, the structure is a multi-use development designed to house residential, hotel, and entertainment facilities while collecting solar energy up to the maximum. Designed to reduce solar gain and maximize solar production, the Village has buildings that are massed as self-shading slabs in the north side of the site on the east-axis in order to reduce a lengthy sun penetration.

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Houses // Nicosia // Cyprus // Iosa Ghini Associati

Italian architects Iosa Ghini Associati have designed four houses for a new residential district near Nicosia, Cyprus.

The family houses, to be built by developer Full Circle, incorporate solar panels and rainwater recycling.

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The Flower House // Highland Housing Fair // Inverness // Scotland // A+J Burridge

Edinburgh architects a+j burridge have designed a sustainable timber house for Scotland that features lambswool insulation.

Fifty-four of the houses are to be constructed near Inverness and will be showcased at the Highland Housing Fair 2009 (plot# 25).

The design utilises solar power, ground source heat pumps and has insulation made from locally sourced lambswool and recycled newspaper.

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Toyo Ito’s World Games Stadium In Kaohsiung, Taiwan Opens

World Games Stadium // Kaohsiung // Taiwan // Toyo Ito

Designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito, the World Games’ Main Stadium was unveiled yesterday at an opening ceremony.

The stadium consists of approximately 8 844 solar panels on a surface area of 14 155m2 integrated into the roof construction. The form which emulates that of a flowing river, depending on the sunshine, can cover 75 % of the energy needs. On days when no competitions will take place, the electricity generated is fed into the grid. The new, architecturally impressive sports arena is also Taiwan’s largest photovoltaic installation to date. Toyo Ito planned the ultra-modern stadium in accordance with the ecological requirements of a ‘Green Building’.

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Sustainable Prefab Design By Reitsma + Associates

Sustainable Prefab Design By Reitsma + Associates2

Queensland-based architectural firm Reitsma + Associates is working on a villa project as light steel framing structural and self sustainable building services. The construction shall be as module mobile home and in their factory the constructors are going to build the pods and transport to the site.

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Flexible Solar Cell Roof Shingles Unveiled

Flexible Solar Cell Roof Shingles // 1

A transparent thin film barrier used to protect flat panel TVs from moisture could become the basis for flexible solar panels that would be installed on roofs like shingles.

The flexible rooftop solar panels – called building-integrated photovoltaics, or BIPVs – could replace today’s boxy solar panels that are made with rigid glass or silicon and mounted on thick metal frames. The flexible solar shingles would be less expensive to install than current panels and made to last 25 years.

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Israel To Shine Spotlight On Innovation At World EXPO 2010

The foundation was laid Wednesday for construction of the Israeli national pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010. Some 40 countries and international organizations have decided to build their own halls or pavilions at the Shanghai World Expo, half of which are under construction or finished.

Haim Dotan, a pioneering Israeli architect who was recently selected to design (with designer Prosper Amir) and construct the Israeli pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China, is the designer behind AORA’s iconic solar energy tower.

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