The Vitruvian Building System: Green, Cost-Efficient And Fast

Vitruvian is a full service green building system. Utilizing new technology, new ideas and alternative materials, our mission is to provide the most efficent building solutions for a seamless transition into the Green Age.

In America, it’s estimated that buildings contribute to 36% of energy consumption and 30% of green house gas emissions and it’s an area that’s ripe for improvement.

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Sustainable Prefab Design By Reitsma + Associates

Sustainable Prefab Design By Reitsma + Associates2

Queensland-based architectural firm Reitsma + Associates is working on a villa project as light steel framing structural and self sustainable building services. The construction shall be as module mobile home and in their factory the constructors are going to build the pods and transport to the site.

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Quik Build Ecosystem (QBE) By Adam Kalkin

‘Quik Build  Ecosystem (QBE) by Adam Kalkin creates an inexpensive, quick and sustainable architectural system for millions of inadequately housed people around the world. The Quik Build Ecosystem addresses a broad swath of life concerns for underserved populations by integrating economic, agricultural, energy, health and social issues into an architectural whole.

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Kengo Kuma Houses For Muji

Kengo Kuma has designed two prefabricated houses for Muji. They are small, simple, beautiful, can come in many variations, are made of standardized kits of parts. Both house prices start around $200,000 US$, so it’s definitely the Muji of architecture.

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‘Shed For Living’ By FKDA Architects + Designers

shed for living

Manchester firm FKDA architects have sent us in images of their recently completed ‘Shed for Living‘ project. The micro home is a response to the the current economic climate where houses can be affordable and easily deliverable.

‘Our fully insulated sheds offer an alternative permanent living solution, and is ideal for first time buyers, key worker housing, student accommodation, holiday home or can be used as a home office.’

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Flake House By OLGGA Architects

Flake House // OLGGA Architects // 1

Flake House is a two-piece, transportable log cabin by French architects OLGGA.

Originally designed in 2006 for the CAUE 72 competition Petites Machines à Habiter (for which it was shortlisted), the cabin will be exhibited at the Festival Estuaire 2009 (5 June to 16 August) in Nantes, France next month.

Photographs are by Fabienne Delafraye.

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The nature of the workplace is changing as the majority of office roles no longer require dedicated space in a central office 5 days a week. OfficePOD enables a company to provide a more efficient working environment with significant cost, employee, environmental and productivity benefits.

Being an OfficePOD user will bring a positive change to life. A chance to cut down on commuting, to be more productive, to spend more time at home but at the same time keep your work separate. A major way to getting a better balance into your life.

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‘Quik Build: Adam Kalkin’s ABC Of Container Architecture’

'Quik Build: Adam Kalkin’s ABC Of Container Architecture'

‘Well-illustrated new survey of 35 prefab projects from the creator of the Butler Variations, including Push Button House, Quik House, Kalkin House, Fema Relief House and more.’

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