‘Sukkah City’ Competition Entry By visiondivision

The concept is designed by visiondivision as their competition entry for ‘Sukkah City‘, where designers / architects were asked to design a modern Sukkah – a temporary hut created for an annual Jewish Harvest Festival – in Union Square, New York City. Called ‘Hollow’ the structure consists of an organic pavilion that changes the conditions for social interaction and behavior, using compression to hold the structure together.

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Hong Kong Pavilion For Shanghai 2010 By Ida and Billy


The theme of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo is “Better City, Better Life”, and the special theme for the Hong Kong Pavilion is “Hong Kong – a city with unlimited potential“. A concept design competition was held in 2008 and received some 80+ submissions. Ida & Billy’s submission was awarded the Frist Prize, and formed the basis for the final design and execution by the government and another architectural firm.

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Luxembourg Pavilion For Shanghai EXPO 2010 By Francois Valentiny

The idea ‘forest and fortress’ comes from the literal meaning of the Chinese term for Luxembourg. The EXPO pavilion, built from steel, wood and glass, will be an open fortress around with greenery. The 15-meter-high main structure will resemble an ancient castle with large openings surrounded by medieval towers.

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Belgian Pavilion For Shanghai Expo 2010

The next World Expo will take place in Shanghai, from May 1 to October 31 2010.

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Tondonia Winery Pavilion By Zaha Hadid

Rafael López de Heredia Tondonia Winery is one of the oldest and more famous winery in the Spanish region of La Rioja. To celebrate their 125th anniversary they decided to rehabilitate a very old store that the winery founder took to Brussel’s World Fair in 1910 and had been disassembled ever since.

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British Pavilion Shanghai 2010 By Heatherwick Studio

British Pavilion // Expo Shanghai 2010 // China // Heatherwick Studio

In March 2009, construction began on the UK pavilion for the Shanghai Expo, and officials said some changes have been made to its original design.

The original design, known as the ‘Pavilion of Ideas,’ was a unique ‘light box,’ which would display 60,000 radiating pixels, each ending with a tiny light source that swung in the wind. At night, the pavilion would twinkle with a variety of light effects.

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Roosendaal Pavilion By René van Zuuk Architekten

Roosendaal Pavilion René van Zuuk Architekten2

From René van Zuuk Architekten:

‘In 2001 the city of Roosendaal (a provincial town in the southwest of the Netherlands) decided to ban cars from the New Market in the center of town by building a huge two story underground parking. In order to create a new public square the city of Roosendaal asked the urban design office Quadrat to make a proposition.

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‘Learning from Nature’ Pavilion By 3XN On Show In Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art invited the Danish architecture firm 3XN to design a pavilion demonstrating cutting edge possibilities within sustainable and intelligent materials. The result is a pavilion that is built of bio composites with integrated intelligence that creates a dynamic interaction with its physical surroundings and its users.

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