Modern Colosseum By Cepezed Architects

The Netherlands-based Cepezed Architects were recently appointed by the offices of the Hague Capital of Culture to design a temporary theater. The city strives to be named the European Capital of Culture in 2018, so the architects have created a contemporary version of the Roman Colosseum to become an important icon for the area.

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Viewing Tower // Reusel // The Netherlands // ateliereenarchitecten


In the Netherlands over 50 spots are marked on the map as starting points for recreational use of the rural landscape. People are encouraged to park their cars at these locations instead of at other, more preserved, areas. From here they can explore nature by foot, mountain bike, horse etc. In the small town Reusel, the nomination motivated a local sports merchant to found an outdoor sports park.

A tower by ateliereenarchitecten, 25 meters high, with sport facilities like climbing and abseiling is the main attraction. It consists of six cubes, hanging on a core of steel columns. Straight flight staircases raise in between and cross the cubes several times in different positions.

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Petting Farm // Almere // The Netherlands // 70F Architecture

Most city parts of Almere, a city with almost 190.000 inhabitants, have a petting farm. In the ‘den Uyl’ park there used to be one, but it burned down in the early 80’s, leaving only its concrete foundation.

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Balijbos Bridge // Zoetermeer // The Netherlands

Lange Jan & Lange Lies Apartment Towers // Heerlen // The Netherlands // Mecanoo Architecten

Lange Jan and Lange Lies Apartment Towers Mecanoo Architecten //

‘Lange Jan and Lange Lies, the chimneys of the Oranje Nassau mine that were once part of Heerlen’s skyline, are getting a modern successor. The building, designed by Mecanoo Architecten, that will arise on the Burgemeester van Grunsvenplein will become the city’s new icon, forming the pinnacle of Heerlen’s future.

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Villa Panorama By Sponge Architects

This is the latest residential project by Dutch practice Sponge Architects: Villa Panorama, where you can ‘enjoy the country life in a home where your dream landscape reveals itself before your own eyes’.

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High Rise Tower By Monolab

High Rise Tower // Rotterdam // The Netherlands // Monolab // 1

The Dutch firm Monolab has designed a tower to rise 450 meters out of Rotterdam’s Maas Harbor. Noting the city’s existing buildings as being ‘primitive and of mediocre quality,’ the firm seeks to introduce ‘an ambitious and pragmatic’ structure to the city.

Monolab has shifted their tower into the water of the Maas Harbor to minimize wind and shadow effects. A network of walkways would connect the tower to the land.

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The Citadel: Europe’s First Floating Apartment Complex


‘The Dutch have been fighting the rising and falling tides for centuries, building dikes and pumping water out of areas that are below sea level. Now, rather than fight the water infiltrating their land, the Dutch will use it as part of a new development called ‘New Water‘, which will feature the world’s first floating apartment complex, The Citadel. This new project was designed by Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio in the Netherlands, and will use 25% less energy than a conventional building on land thanks to the use of water cooling techniques.’

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