Villa Panorama By Sponge Architects

This is the latest residential project by Dutch practice Sponge Architects: Villa Panorama, where you can ‘enjoy the country life in a home where your dream landscape reveals itself before your own eyes’.

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Six Ramsgate // Singapore // Wallflower Architects

Wallflower Architects have just completed a house in Singapore.

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Villa // Ordos 100 // Inner Mongolia // China // FRENTE / Juan Pablo Maza


‘The immediate context drove the decision of designing an introvert villa for the Ordos 100 project in China. As a result of the extreme weather, it has been chosen to bury the house taking advantage of the generosity of underground temperatures and therefore neutralizing the harsh winter and summer weather conditions.

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House Dijk // Blauwestad // The Netherlands // Jager Janssen Architecten

The facades and the roof of this dwelling by Jager Janssen Architecten comprise one entity. The skin, consisting of anthracite-coloured corrugated sheets, is open in strategic places in order to let the environment in. Maximizing this effect, the entire dwelling is positioned one meter above ground level, resulting on a spacious lower ground floor.

The exterior of the dwelling looks rather solid and closed. The interior experience is one of beautiful spatial impressions.

A smart system based on just a few composition rules creates a seemingly irregular pattern of wooden boards.

ORDOS 100: I|K Studio

This villa is located in plot #55 of the ORDOS 100 project.

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Ordos 100: Rojkind Arquitectos

This villa by Rojkind Arquitectos is located in plot #67 of the Ordos 100 project. ‘The scope of the project is to Develop 100 hundred villas in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China, for the Client, Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Ltd. FAKE Design, Ai Wei Wei studio in Beijing, has developed the masterplan for the 100 parcels of land and will curate the project, while Herzog and de Meuron have selected the 100 architects to participate.

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ORDOS 100: Lyn Rice Architects

LRA is one of a handful of architects from the United States selected by Herzon & de Meuron to design a 10,000sf villa in China’s Inner Mongolia province as part of acclaimed artist, Ai Weiwei’s 100 Ordos Master Plan. Situated on an arid grassland site, LRA’s Villa 007 will be one of 100 villas designed by 100 invited international architects and organized around a new Ordos cultural center which includes an adjacent museum and artist housing.

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ORDOS 100: Slade Architecture

This villa by Slade Architecture is located in plot #31 of the Ordos 100 project.

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