Moroso Headquarters // Udine // Italy // David Adjaye

David Adjaye was commisioned by Patrizia Moroso to design the new Moroso Headquarters. The project site lies on the northern outskirts of Udine along the arterial Via Nazionale route on the site of the office and production facilities of the renowned furniture brand.

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Il Vulcano Buono By Renzo Piano Building Workshop


‘Located in the countryside outside Naples, this mixed use center called Il Vulcano Buono is a modern version of the traditional marketplace: all the activities that were once located in Naples´s Piazza Mercato were moved here. The Center designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop includes a superstone,a shopping mall, entertainment and public spaces, restaurants, a hotel, offices and other facilities.

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Florence TAV Station // Florence // Italy // Foster + Partners

As part of the creation of a new high-speed rail network, the Italian Government has instituted a major program of station restructuring, including the creation of many new stations. The design by Foster + Partners for Florence Station provides a new facility that will connect with the city’s existing Santa Maria Novella station via a new tramline.

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Prototyp Einfamilienhaus // AKA architetti

Italian architects AKA architetti have won a competition for a low-energy wooden house.
The Prototyp Einfamilienhaus – prototype one-family house – will be built on sites in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The first residential unit will be realized in Darß, Germany, and is scheduled to be completed by 2008.

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Ponte Parodi // Genoa // Italy // UNStudio

‘The Ponte Parodi project establishes a new city attractor based on the proliferation of experience. A three dimensional plaza located on the waterfront combines a variety of programs including a cruise terminal, wellness, cultural and leisure program, all of which bring liveliness to the old harbor. With its low-slung, undulating outlines the piazza provides a park with sport fields, beaches and other public functions while emphasizing the view of Genoa and its Alpine setting.’

Client: Porto Antico di Genova Spa/ ALTAREA Italia Progetti S.r.l.
Location: harbor Genoa
Building area: 76.000 m2
Program: 3 dimensional Piazza/ cruise terminal/ wellness
Status/phase: design development phase

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Is Molas Golf Resort // Cagliari // Sardinia // Italy // Massimiliano Fuksas

‘This project by Massimiliano Fuksas consists of the realization of the new ‘Is Molas Golf Resort’, a facility for the Is Molas Golf Club which is one of the most significant in Italy today.

The facility is dedicated to high-quality tourism and includes residential areas as well.

The extension of the existing club will provide a hotel with 80 rooms and 36 suites, furthermore there will be holiday homes consisiting 3-4 units, with in total 292 beds.

The whole facility will be enriched with spacious and elegant meeting and strolling areas, e.g. the club ‘la piazza’ and a sophisticated and central Spa.

The golf course, redesigned by Gary Player, is developed around the central clubhouse which forms the central point, connecting all courses.’

Planning: 1998 – 2008

Program: Housing, Hotel – 80 Rooms, Hotel Suite – 36 Rooms, turistical Residence – 30 Houses, Congress Room, Spa, Club House

Enzo Ferrari Museum // Modena // Italy // Future Systems

‘The Museum by Future Systems nestles in the grounds of the turn of the century Enzo Ferrari house in Modena, Italy – a submerged, soft blue form appearing to grow out of the surrounding landscape.

The house being modest in scale has determined the height of the museum. A vast wall of curved, inclined glass draws you into the space, the curved plane bisected by fins inspired by the radiator of a Maserati.

North facing roof lights flood the interior volume with diffused white light. Inside the walls and floor of the museum, rectangular in plan, forms a basin, finished in fine white terrazzo.

This strong and embracing space provides the perfect environment in which to display the achievement and finesse of the Maserati collection.’

Completion: 2009
Contract Value: £7 million
Area: 4,500m²

Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium Under Construction

Oscar Niemeyer auditorium, Ravello6

Ravello, off South Italy’s coast, is said to be one of the most beautiful spots on earth. And Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s all-white curvaceous auditorium is set amongst its luxuriant rocky hillsides and against the backdrop of the refined Amalfi coastal town’s trademark awe-inspiring brilliant blue sea and endless open skies.

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