The Barents Secretariat Tower: World’s Tallest Wooden Building

Reiulf Ramstad Architects (RRA) developing plans for the world’s highest building ever constructed in wood. The cultural center will become a monument of 16-17 floors, all built in natural materials with innovative and environmental solutions in all parts of the building. If the plans are realized it will surpass the current tallest wooden structure which stands 144 feet tall in Arkhangelsk, Russia.

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ECO CITY Hamburg, Germany

Germany’s historic Hamburg-Harburg Harbor recently announced the development of a sustainable ECO CITY that combines industry, entertainment and pedestrian life into one super green package.

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Houses // Nicosia // Cyprus // Iosa Ghini Associati

Italian architects Iosa Ghini Associati have designed four houses for a new residential district near Nicosia, Cyprus.

The family houses, to be built by developer Full Circle, incorporate solar panels and rainwater recycling.

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Ecological Resort In Dominica By BURO II

Ecological Resort In Dominica By BURO II4

The Mero Beach project on the small Caribean island Dominica is currently in progress. Buro II already built a project of this amplitude in Guangzhou (China) and won with this ‘Baiyun International Convention Center’ an international prize at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona in 2008.

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Green Square // Sandnes // Denmark // JAJA Architects

‘Today, Sandnes’ most centrally located and significant public space is a parking lot. The trading businesses demands more parking spaces while the public cries out for green public spaces.
The Green Square is a project that negotiates between the two seemingly opposites to create a combination of event space, city park and parking lot. Thus, transforming the parking lot void into a vibrant center for city, commerce and people.’

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The Vitruvian Building System: Green, Cost-Efficient And Fast

Vitruvian is a full service green building system. Utilizing new technology, new ideas and alternative materials, our mission is to provide the most efficent building solutions for a seamless transition into the Green Age.

In America, it’s estimated that buildings contribute to 36% of energy consumption and 30% of green house gas emissions and it’s an area that’s ripe for improvement.

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Bibliosphere By Greeen! Architects

Bibliosphere // Library University Duisburg-Essen // Germany // Greeen! Architects // 1

This is a competition proposal for a new library, student‘s service center and flexible administrative building for the University Duisburg-Essen, in Germany. The young architectural practice Greeen! Architects specifically focuses on ecological and sustainable design approaches. For their proposal, a large ecological complex intends to ‘create a place where city and university are woven together.’

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Green Office 2015 By RAU Architects

The following information is from RAU Architects:

Green Office 2015 is a close-knit tissue that is imposed on existing infrastructure; a web that links areas together, where working, living and leisure are all interwoven. Never before has the infrastructural footprint been activated on so many levels. Furthermore, use is made of advanced and innovative technologies, materials and concepts in the fields of health, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and urban planning.

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