Furniture Design Center By LAN Architecture

This conception of the museum of furniture and design in Neufchateau, Belgium by French architectural firm LAN Architecture was designed in 2007.

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Microcostas // Vinaroz // Spain // Vicente Guallart

Microcostas was designed by Vicente Guallart and is located on the stony beach of Vinaroz, Spain. The ‘beach furniture’ has been installed in December 2004.

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The ‘Spektra’ Flooring Collection By Bolon

A glorious two collections of the Swedish flooring label Bolon won German design prices last spring:

While the collection ‘Eight’ was among the winners of the ‘iF product design award 2008′, the innovation ‘Spektra’ received the ‘red dot award: product design 2008′.

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‘Punished To The Corner’ // Cristina Toledo

”Punished to the corner’ is a storage space that can be mounted in any corner of your room.’

Designed by Cristina Toledo.

Furniture Designed By Architects That Are ‘Looking For Work’…

Looking For Work

Los Angeles gallery Fifth Floor will be exhibiting new furniture work by local architects that are seeking alternative design practices during the economic slowdown.

Fifth Floor presents Looking for Work, a show featuring furniture by a select group of designers from the architecture and spatial design fields. With the pace of construction slowing drastically many architectural designers have turned their attention to smaller objects to satisfy the impulse to design as well as cope with the economic downturn. Some have forged out completely on their own while others supplement their time in the spatial design field by creating these beautiful but useful objects.

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Slip Shelf // Gitta Gschwendtner

Slip Shelf // Gitta Gschwendtner

Slip Shelf: shelving unit and magazine rack.

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Derek Lam Flagship Store Preview By SANAA

Derek Lam Flagship Store // SANAA

Japan’s SANAA team up with New York fashion designer Derek Lam to create a flagship store in Soho.

The 2,700 square foot space sits in the heart of New York’s Soho neighborhood and began construction this past summer. The store is set to open this may featuring a mostly white interior by the Japanese architecture firm SANAA. Like Lam’s fashion, the store will use simple but refined materials such as the curving walls made from transparent acrylic. The designers use these walls to create what they call ‘bubbles’, dividing the space into smaller rooms, while keeping the space open visually. Large mirrors and simple mannequins will be accompanied by custom designed furniture pieces by SANAA.

The final design will be shown to the public when the store opens on May 6th.

Billy’s Brother By ADDI

‘This bookcase is a hybrid between a traditional shelf and a sculpture. The Shelves are displaced and the playful meening between the floor and the wall creates an interesting expression. Billy’s Brother is like a map over Johans life in the time of the development. Torn in different directions but still making something great out of it. Another nice feature are the inclination of the shelves, giving the impression that the books will fall off but instead they hold the books much better than an ordinary bookcase. Billy’s Brother can be seen in the Premio Vico Magistratti catalouge for DePadova in cooperation with Designboom.’

This bookshelf is one of the Shortlisted entry in Primo Vico Magistratti, contest for DePadova.

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