Solar Powered International Design Center Unveiled


Situated in an defunct arms manufacturing facility in Saint-Etienne, the recently unveiled ‘Cité du Design‘ is a stunning international center for design.

Designed by Berlin and Paris based LIN, the ‘Centre International du Design’ is a new institution for communication, research and education in design. The project is situated on the historic site of the National Arms Manufacture in St. Etienne. Powered by solar energy and supplemented by an efficient heating system, the energy efficient ‘Cité du Design’ is a world class design center that lives up to its name.

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Sustainable ‘Vertical Village’ For Dubai Designed By GRAFT Architects

From GRAFT Architects:

‘Expected to gain gold LEED certification, the Vertical Village by Graft Architects is another Eco architecture found in the desert of Dubai. Designed by Graft Lab, the structure is a multi-use development designed to house residential, hotel, and entertainment facilities while collecting solar energy up to the maximum. Designed to reduce solar gain and maximize solar production, the Village has buildings that are massed as self-shading slabs in the north side of the site on the east-axis in order to reduce a lengthy sun penetration.

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The Barents Secretariat Tower: World’s Tallest Wooden Building

Reiulf Ramstad Architects (RRA) developing plans for the world’s highest building ever constructed in wood. The cultural center will become a monument of 16-17 floors, all built in natural materials with innovative and environmental solutions in all parts of the building. If the plans are realized it will surpass the current tallest wooden structure which stands 144 feet tall in Arkhangelsk, Russia.

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SUV 12 // Lima // Peru // Suv12 Architects

Exploring the idea of a neighborhood contemporary architects Suv12 proposed densify ground of approximately 17 hectares, located in one of the most important economic and commercial centers of Lima.

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Sun Rays Pavilion By Michael Jantzen

Internationally acclaimed artist and designer Michael Jantzen designed the Sun Rays Pavilion, which consists of 12 massive columns that rise out of the earth like giant crystals reaching for the sun. Appropriate, because the acutely slanted building relies on the sun’s rays alone for power. Jantzen has many other designs for renewable energy pavilions, like his Wind Turbine Observation Tower or his R-house.

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ECO CITY Hamburg, Germany

Germany’s historic Hamburg-Harburg Harbor recently announced the development of a sustainable ECO CITY that combines industry, entertainment and pedestrian life into one super green package.

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Parasoleil Recycled Content Panels

Boulder, a Colorado-based Parasoleil company makes these panels from a variety of so called green materials, such as FSC-certified wood, aluminum, and steel.

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Houses // Nicosia // Cyprus // Iosa Ghini Associati

Italian architects Iosa Ghini Associati have designed four houses for a new residential district near Nicosia, Cyprus.

The family houses, to be built by developer Full Circle, incorporate solar panels and rainwater recycling.

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