Sustainable ‘Vertical Village’ For Dubai Designed By GRAFT Architects

From GRAFT Architects:

‘Expected to gain gold LEED certification, the Vertical Village by Graft Architects is another Eco architecture found in the desert of Dubai. Designed by Graft Lab, the structure is a multi-use development designed to house residential, hotel, and entertainment facilities while collecting solar energy up to the maximum. Designed to reduce solar gain and maximize solar production, the Village has buildings that are massed as self-shading slabs in the north side of the site on the east-axis in order to reduce a lengthy sun penetration.

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Sphere Hotel By Milla Rezanova

‘The purpose: the Sphere Hotel is a project, the purpose is whereof is to offer to the guests of the hotel comfortable rest with complet isolation from the world.
The result: the hotel is located at a mountainous plateau.

Sphere Hotel will be located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE, about 300 meters from the beach on an artificial island, with which it connects the bridge. Designed by Milla Rezanova, visitors will be transported in a helicopter because the hotel is located on a cliff. As a prototype, there will be 200 rooms, entertainment areas and public business zone (conference room), boutiques.

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Dubai International Financial Center By ACDF Architects

Canadian-based ACDF Architects have designed an International Financial Center for Dubai (DIFC). The DIFC draws inspiration from geographical and geological properties to create a structure that becomes a natural extension of the site. ACDF Architects work to link the architecture with the region to ‘give the impression that the building takes root from these natural components instead of simply being an imposing object on the DIFC properties.’

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Urban Oasis // Al Ain // UAE // X-Architects

Dubai based X-Architects recently unveiled the Urban Oasis, their latest sustainable masterplan for Al Ain. The 12-hectare urban development was conceived as a ‘micro-specific, compact, and passive sustainable urban oasis.’ ‘Inspired by the existing natural environment and the traditional dense urban fabric of Islamic cities, the masterplan develops an ‘environmental synergy between landscape and urbanity.’

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Al Rostamini Headquarters By MAD

Al Rostamini Headquarters // Dubai // UAE // MAD // 1

‘The site for the Al Rostamini group headquarters, designed by MAD architects, is a long waterfront within the central business area of Dubai. Rather than creating a traditional big office block on this site, and severing the water from the public, we wanted to build something above it.

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The Nano Towers By Allard Architecture

The Nano Towers // Dubai // UAE // Allard Architecture // 1

From Allard Architecture:

‘The Nano Towers were proposed as the new headquarters of the DuBiotech Research Park in Dubai. This mixed use development offers 160 000m2 officespace, laboratories, hotel, residential and associated support facilities in a 262m high tower. The canopy at ground level provides sunshading while creating a dramatic entrance to the towers: a conceptual ground plane from which the towers grow.

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Dubai Tower By Grimshaw

‘The design concept for this multi-use tower by Grimshaw architects emerged from the need to balance three major factors: to reflect Arabic culture and the traditions of Islamic vernacular architecture; to create a building with multiple functions, including office, retail, hotel and residential areas; and to give an intelligent response to hot, humid climate.

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Za’abeel Park Observation Tower By XTEN Architecture

Za’abeel Park Observation Tower // Dubai // UAE // XTEN Architecture // 1

XTEN Architecture shared with us their entry to the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Competition in Dubai. The observation tower is located in a cultural park just off axis from the main skyscraper boulevard in Dubai, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road.

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