R129 Residence By Werner Sobek

Designed by architects Werner Sobek of Stuttgart, Germany, the futuristic R129 Residence breaks all conventions of the traditional home. Currently in its planning stages, and expected to remain so until around 2012, it’s clear to see where so much time and thought has gone.

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Sphere Hotel By Milla Rezanova

‘The purpose: the Sphere Hotel is a project, the purpose is whereof is to offer to the guests of the hotel comfortable rest with complet isolation from the world.
The result: the hotel is located at a mountainous plateau.

Sphere Hotel will be located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE, about 300 meters from the beach on an artificial island, with which it connects the bridge. Designed by Milla Rezanova, visitors will be transported in a helicopter because the hotel is located on a cliff. As a prototype, there will be 200 rooms, entertainment areas and public business zone (conference room), boutiques.

For further information visit the designer’s website: www.milla.rezanova.name.

Microcostas // Vinaroz // Spain // Vicente Guallart

Microcostas was designed by Vicente Guallart and is located on the stony beach of Vinaroz, Spain. The ‘beach furniture’ has been installed in December 2004.

For more pictures visit: www.guallart.com.

Big Egg // Wujiaochang // Shanghai // China

A big colored ‘egg’ lights up Wujiaochang area in Yangpu District, Shanghai, China since June, 2007. The ‘egg’ shows motion pictures on holidays or special events as a trial. The display is controlled by computer, the report said. It becomes a scenic highlight of the city’s newest emerging commercial and business center.

‘Unexpected Buildings’ By Filip Dujardin

Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin makes images of unexpected buildings. He combines photographs of parts of buildings into new, fictional, architectonic structures.

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Reversible Destiny Loft // Mitake // Japan // Arakawa And Madeline Gins

Artists, poets and architects Arakawa with his wife, Madeline Gins built these ‘reversible destiny’ loft-style apartments in Mitake, Japan. ‘Designed to stimulate the senses and force inhabitants to use balance, physical strength and imagination. The lofts feature uneven floors, oddly positioned power switches and outlets, walls and surfaces painted a dizzying array of colors, a tiny exit to the balcony, a transparent shower room, irregularly shaped curtainless windows, and more reversible design.’

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‘Punished To The Corner’ // Cristina Toledo

”Punished to the corner’ is a storage space that can be mounted in any corner of your room.’

Designed by Cristina Toledo.

Mobile Office By Inflatable Products Ltd

The company Inflatable Products Ltd is specialized in the design and manufacture of pneumatic structures. The structure OIAB, office in a bucket is a light weight room system that packs down into a conveniently portable bag. Designed for indoor use as an office/meeting space, chillout pod or exhibition space. The whole structure can be inflated in just eight minutes.