Saving Energy with Intelligent Windows

Now days, energy is more expensive than ever. Not only producing it has become harder, but also our systems require more energy now than they have ever needed. Not all are aware of the world’s current technological situation. Most of all don’t know how much energy is spent today compared to the amount spent fifty years ago. So let me explain you a very important fact when it comes to our earth.

We have all heard about global warming right? Well, global warming is a reality, and it is stronger than we think. When people talk about global warming, they are normally referring to atmospheric pollution and polluting gases. However, this phenomenon goes a lot deeper than that. Statistics show that by the early 1900’s, the world’s population was around 3.2 billion people. History teaches us that the human being has been existing for more than 7 million years. So, we had managed to populate the world with 3.2 billion people in 7 million years. Now, recent statistics say that today’s population is around 6.5 billion habitants. This means that we have duplicated the world’s population in 100 years. What does this have to do with global warming? Well, read a little further.

Physically, human beings are machines who use energy and waste it as well. When a machine uses energy, it turns it into heat, which is the reason why engines overheat when being used. If our population keeps increasing rapidly, we will keep heating the world with our daily wastes of energy. Having more people means more energy is used, and when more energy is used, more heat is released. This causes what we know as global warming.

Architects are aware of this fact and its importance. That is why they have developed several energy-saving systems, which can help people use less energy and produce less heat. One of the highest energy wasters in a house, besides electronic devices inside the house, is the air conditioner. The ventilation system in a building can waste more than five times the energy wasted by a T.V. during the same amount of time. This is exactly why, in the U.S., Sarbajut Banerjee has developed what he calls “intelligent windows”. These windows are made out of a vanadium base. This material gives windows the capacity to change their properties according to the temperature that surrounds them. This way, they can keep a house cold during the summer and warm during the winter.

Did you know that the temperature you feel inside a house is caused in a 60% by the windows? During the summer, the sun hits the windows and warms up plenty of objects inside the house. During the winter, the windows turn cold and work as gigantic ice cubes surrounding your house. This makes it harder for a ventilation system to level the inside of a house. Finally, the system starts spending more energy.

The best solution is to create windows that reflect the sun back to the outside of the house when it is hot, and to keep the cold out when it is winter. This could reduce the need for electronic ventilators, or even destroy it. This material is easy to produce and it is also very cheap to buy compared to other cooling and heating solutions. The mentioned system is not yet in stores. However, professionals are working on it, and if everything goes well, it should be out next year. People will be able to start building their houses with intelligent windows and save tons of money in energy bills. Also, they will be saving the world by keeping it away from more unnecessary heat.

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  1. I think it is time to start looking at energy and money saving alternatives. Energy costs are rising quickly and some argue that the increasing costs are by design. If energy costs get high enough, the masses will start looking at green alternatives? Something to think about.

  2. Diego Pardo says:

    Energy efficient windows is a simple solution and a small portion of the solution when it comes to tackling the energy crisis. It’s convenient and relatively inexpensive as well.

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