LAVA Presents the House of the Future

LAVA Presents the House of the Future LAVA, which stands for the initials for the company’s original name in Spanish (Laboratorio de Arquitectura Visionaria), presents what they call “the house of the future”. They describe this new house as a place in which human beings, technology and nature live all in harmony. LAVA is one of the eleven architect groups that are working on houses for the future in the “Arquitectura +11 Show”. The team that wins will have the honor to build its house of the future in a new mall in Beijing. In fact, the mall will have a separated space meant for this house in which a controlled climate system will take care of providing a perfect micro-climate through the whole year. This will make the house seem to be in some kind of sunny, fresh, bright place.

Well, the real target of inducing architects to create more modern designs is purely a matter of evolving. The world today has different problems, characteristics and orientations compared to the ones it had 50 years ago, for example. Due to this, professionals have to look for the way to evolve along with the world in order to remain fresh, efficient an up to date. Why is being updated so important for architects?

Architects are the ones in charge of printing beauty into any kind of building. More than paying attention to the base building, they focus on its lay out. People change their minds very quickly when it is about likes and opinions. It is easy to see this in what people wear, buy and use every day compared to what they did some years ago. Therefore, a commercial key to architecture success is evolution; keeping people surprised with every new design.

Besides proving clients with a fresh, updated style, architects are also finding a way to reconnect their design with nature virtues. For example, the creation of ecological homes, also known as green buildings is one of the most famous expressions of architecture’s care for nature today. Also, the existence of NetZero buildings clearly shows that not only architects, but also civil engineers are really into protecting the ecology. If we analyze architecture 50 years ago, it would be easy to notice that these were not the contemporary preoccupations then. Architects were targeting big luxury buildings without really thinking about the environment’s health. This is no longer what anyone is looking about.

It shouldn’t surprise us to see hundreds of new futuristic designs in today’s architecture. In fact, according to studies, it will take less than another century to eliminate houses as we know them from the world. By this of course I mean that by that time no one will be building these houses anymore. New technologies are being developed in the architecture niche every year. Civil engineers are also developing very complex concepts that were considered inexistent some years ago. We are heading to a new era of building, and as our needs and cares change, so does our designs and orientations.

LAVA is just one of the many futuristic architect firms in the world. More firms and heading to futuristic designs every year, and just a few remain classic in what they develop. As it is easy to see, clients that are looking to create their buildings are also normally trying to find a modern style rather than a classical old one. Of course, some clients are looking for old-school touches in their buildings, but they are still looking for the best technology and material optimization possible.

Technology won’t stop improving for as long as human beings exist. Architecture won’t stop developing, and consequently, the way we live won’t stop either. As we adapt, our needs change, and this causes more evolution.

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  1. Technology won’t stop improving for as long as human beings exist. Architecture won’t stop developing, and consequently, the way we live won’t stop either. As we adapt, our needs change, and this causes more evolution.

  2. I wonder if I can still get to live in this kind of house in the future… Pretty hi-tech and would be really awesome to call this one home.

  3. Brad K says:

    I’m personally stoked about futurist architecture. Consider 1930. Only the most important or wealthy Americans and Europeans could afford modern architecture. Corbu’s Villa Savois for example was for an elite political family. Falling Water was built for a wealthy executive. Now you have entire communities of homes designed by architects with modern principles in mind. Modern architecture is now very prominent in commercial development as well. I look forward to the day where technology and engineering advancements are commonplace among home builders.

  4. ArchitektII says:

    I agree totally with Brad K! That’s all right.

  5. Oh this garden! A dream!

    • Nice article, I think from speaking to architect all day that most are looking for a new solution to an age old problem how can we create a great space with in this area in the most elegant and efficient way all with little or no maintenance.

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