Landscape Architecture – More Demanded than Ever

People used to see landscape architects as some kind of glorified gardener who was able to transform any piece of land. Landscape architects were only hired when there was some job needed in a garden. Hundreds of companies hired landscape architects to design their exteriors and this way attract more clients. Due to this, not many people was interested in studying to become a landscape architect.

However, today things have changed significantly. Now architects have started to work with green buildings and different methods to be less destructive with the environment when building. Curiously, a landscape architect is exactly what every firm is looking for now days. Most of all green buildings are designed to maximize the utility of wind and sunlight. These too elements are used in different ways to produce energy or replace it. The usage of plants is very important in this task as well, as it keeps the building’s atmosphere totally friendly to nature. One of the best examples of this is the High Line in New York. It is a 1.45 mile long urban park which is elevated about three stories from the ground. It is definitely modern and still has a green, natural touch. Architecture’s tendency is now heading to that concept.

Various states and local governments in the United States have started receiving funds for stimulus projects. These projects are directed objectively to benefit people in a significant way for example, parks, green areas, artistic areas, etc. Many states have declared that they will be needing a substantial amount of landscape architects for these projects. Traditional architects all have a basic knowledge about landscaping. However they are not specialized on it and that brings landscape architects to a field with no competition. People willing to build today are focusing on hiring teams of architects and engineers. Almost no one wants to hire a single engineer to build their structure. Clients now know that the structural design from an engineer would look great being covered by the design from an architect. Of course, the entire project would look a lot better being surrounded by an incredible landscape.

Landscape architects are not only dealing with plants and rocks anymore. Today, cities need landscape architects for several tasks that have nothing to do with gardens. For example, every year more corridors for motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians are built all around the world. Well, landscape architects seem to always have a better perspective of the outside world than any other professional. This gives them the ability to design these corridors and make them look nicer than anyone can imagine. Due to this, people are constantly looking to hire landscape architects. Sadly, there are not many architects that have studied landscaping because before it was not such a good career. However, there is so many job opportunities today that it is easy to see how many architects are actually studying landscaping. It will take some years for us to see that there thousands of more landscaping architects in the world.

There are a lot of colleges in the world that offer landscaping careers. For those that want to study it, it is a good idea to try some universities and see each one of their orientations. The average salary of a landscape architect is pretty fair as it goes around $71,000 per year. However, those that work self employed are a lot more successful according to sever studies.

Those that are studying landscape architecture should be excited about their career. It is one of the greatest architecture careers today and it offers a wide gamma of jobs.

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