How Has Architecture Developed?

At first, structures were constructed for mere survival. Though there was no beauty in the design but there was some purpose to the specifics of a structure. It is not just man who resides on structures for survival, animal use such methods as well. You all would be familiar with the beaver; it constructs a dam and secures the surroundings of its habitat by the water. Looks are important but they do not summarize the vast field of architecture. No matter how unattractive a structure might be, there is a reason for its outlook. There is no exact date from which the field of architectural designs started. However, from studies it has been found that first structures which included architectural design with respect to beauty were the worshiping places.

The culture and religion of a place have a major role in the type of architectural structures present there. The geography of a place also plays an important role in the types of buildings present in a location. Architecture is no less than science these days. These days all a person has to do is think up of a design. The rest of the work is done by the architects, to make it all possible. The development of skills of an architect can easily be seen due to the structures present today. Huge bridges, tall buildings, strong buildings etc. all of these are present thanks to the creativity of architects.

This field is not just restricted to structures. In every field, in every product which you see today, architects have played a role in it. It all depends on which type of education you have gained. For instance a person, who can design the body of a car, cannot design the structure of a sky scraper. The engineers are taught to construct their work under given limitations of design. Reason for this is that, no product can be constructed, unless or until there is a proper design for it. As far as cars are concerned, well you might not know but the engine is not the only thing which makes a car go fast. If that would be the case then a truck would surely be faster than a car. The aerodynamics of a body and the weight of the body are all the works of a certain architect.

Whenever a person thinks about architecture, they relate its origin to be from Greeks. This would not be an entirely wrong assumption. Greeks were a far more advanced race in the older times. They used to see architecture as an art and constructed beautiful buildings with symmetry and white marble. Some people think that the Romans were the pioneers; however, you can see that much of the roman architecture is influenced by that of the Greeks. Just take a look at the arches. The curves and arches have been enhanced, but the origin of the inspiration still remains to be the Greeks.

Taking a look at the wonders of the world would explain the influence of cultures on the architecture of structures. It might surprise you to know that the Americans have not been this much advanced in the field of architecture. This has been mainly because they are much more business minded. If you look at their history you would find that they have been an industrial state. Hence, it is again proved that the structures are affected by the cultures of a place.

In short, the development in architecture has been, and is, going on. However, the types of developments have been different due the certain factors, which are mentioned above.

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  1. Very good article. Entertaining and didactic.

  2. Interesting article. And that’s really true that people relate first architecture to Greeks.

  3. Wow, look the car, wonderful, i just can say that!

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