Façade Design Inspiration

Façade Design InspirationIn general terms, a façade is the skin over something deep which porpoise is to somehow hide what is really kept inside. In architectural terms, however, a façade is the very essence of a building. It probably has the strongest impact at a first sight in the street. Often the façade shows the essence of the general structure and all its shapes. So working with facades is something very special and delicate. The entire look of a house can depend on the perfection and precision of the façade.

The basic inspiration for facades designing in modern architecture comes from a variety of places. There isn’t an established inspiration source from which architects take their ideas. Architects are actually characterized for being able to find inspiration in about anything they see. An architect can be watching a documental on the ancient Rome and at the next day start designing Doric columns all around their houses. This is how most of all architects find their inspiration. Looking at a landscape or a single object somewhere can be enough to plant a seed of inspiration in one of these artists’ mind.

Façade Design Inspiration - 2Another architect can approach to the South Ocean Islands to take a rest and come back home full of inspiration to use natural materials.  A trip to Asia, Africa, India or just about any place in the world can get an architect on the mood to design something fresh and something new. So it is clear that an architect’s inspiration when it comes to façade designing comes from anywhere.

However, it is clear that clients have the last word when it comes to design. Even though the architect might feel like designing an Asian-like house, the client might be looking for something different. It is important for architects to be able to adapt to the client’s needs and likes. This way they can find inspiration on what they need to build and not what they want in the moment. There are a lot of common façade designs that can be found almost in any city around the world; bricks. However, it is impressive to see the amount of styles and textures of brick there are in the market. This is probably the reason why people seem to really like it. Bricks are also one of the most inexpensive facades available.

However, there are hundreds of façade styles that can be found in different parts of the world. Some people really like stone, marble and such materials. However, the cost of a construction using them can really increase. This is because not all builders now how to deal with these less-common facades.

Façade Design InspirationThe reality is that the whole façade choosing is up to the house’s owner. It is important for those that are building a house to take some time and check all the façade styles there are available. Don’t go for the first brick imitation or anything like that. A house can really change its complete look just by using a different façade. Always take into consideration that some facades are not designed to go through some kinds of weather. If you choose the wrong façade, you might end up having to change it entirely a few years later. This is why it is important to take an architect with you in order to chose well and avoid future problems. An architect will also be able to tell you which façade will be cheaper to install and maintain. Remember that each material has to be washed in different ways and all of them require a different type of care. Some facades are very expensive to maintain, and that’s what keeps people from buying them.

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