Building Wood Houses

Building Wood Houses

The usage of wood in house building started differently in every country. When researching about the history of architecture from various places, it is easy to see that every region started using wood in different moments. However, thanks to globalization and communication facilities, modernized systems of using good in construction have been added to the market. We have come to the point in which artisanal wood treating has been almost taken out of the picture due to the introduction of industrial wood. Huge factories with automated machines are the ones in charge of providing wood for constructions today. There are certain things that have to be taken into consideration when building a house with wood. These are purely the builder’s responsibility.

Preparing and cleaning the field: in order to start tracing the house in a piece of land, it is important to clean the field in the following way:

  • Removing the trees inside the property that can get in the way of the project. It is important to remove the roots.
  • Remove rocks if necessary.
  • If the terrain was used before, all past cementations should be removed as well.
  • Remove all brushes that can make the construction more difficult.
  • Leveling the area: Making sure that the field is as even as it is needed for the construction to be successful is the first thing to do. Remember that this is something you will be able to do until the final planning and design of the house is completed. A slight uneven area on the field is enough to make a house deteriorate a lot easier with years. Architects are very aware of how to do this. This is probably one of the most basic processes that have to take place before building a house, especially if it will be built with mostly wood. Remember that wood behaves very differently from concrete. It is normal to hear about concrete houses that have no problems with rain for example. However, wood can be affected easily with rain. Each material in construction is different, and there are plenty of procedures that are recommended for each.

    Now, the size, density and type of wood will vary depending on the size of the building and its shape. Some designs will require stronger supports, which need thicker, denser wood. However, thicker wood will always be expensive, and prices are certainly something to take special care of. So, the real challenge is to find the balance between quality and efficiency, at the best price.

    Wood is a material that can be used to build only in some regions. A very wet area where rain is too strong is not the ideal place to build a wooden house. However, if someone in this region really likes wooden houses and the way they look, it is always a good option to opt for a wooden façade. Wooden facades are normally what people choose to use, and they work just fine. This is because wooden facades are normally not 100% wood. This allows producers to make the material a lot more water-resistant, even if it becomes weaker. Therefore, as the wood will not have to hold the house, but only decorate it, it can be weak.

    The interior can also be covered with an interior wooden façade. Today it is possible to build a normal, concrete house and make it look like a wooden one. This way, we can avoid all the processes and spending that a wooden house’s construction requires. Of course, fifty years ago, all houses that looked wooden were actually wooden. Technology has advanced very quickly in the last years, and this allows us to make just about any design we want and bring it to life.

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    2. [...] Building Wood Houses | archiCentral The usage of wood in house building started differently in every country. When researching about the history of architecture from various places, it is easy. [...]

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    4. For me if I will given a chance to built my own house. I will use wood but it is quite expensive. But the beauty is very excellent. I can really appreciate houses using woods for their interiors and exteriors.

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